terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

The lovely photos

Natalie Kucken fotografou, aos 16 anos, esta série inspirada em um trecho do livro The Lovely Bones

and my father would take the thin cotton top sheet and bunch it up in his hands while being careful to keep the two corners between his thumb and forefinger.

Then he would snap it out so the pale sheet would spread out like a parachute above buckley and gently,

what felt wonderfully slowly,

it would waft down and touch along his exposed skin - his knees, his forearms, his cheeks and chin.

Both air and cover somehow there in the same
space at the same time - it felt like the ultimate freedom and protection.

Obs: Em 2009 The Lovely Bones foi transformado em filme por Peter Jackson e recebeu, no Brasil, o título Um Olhar do Paraíso

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